November saw Levin Wines back in the land of Vikings. From Helsinki Lynne Levin boarded the Viking Line’s Mariella bound for Stockholm, to conduct a series of Wine Tastings and Staff Training Courses along with Levin Wines Swedish Importer, Vinovativa.

In Stockholm Lynne visited the SystemBologet, Sweden’s Wine & Spirit Monopoly, to showcase Levin Wines, with 414 stores across Sweden, the SystemBologet has one of the most comprehensive wine ranges in the world.

A quick stop at Erik’s Gondolen, an extraordinary restaurant and bar perched 33 metres above the harbour in Stockholm with a wine list to die for, Lynne had a quick refuel before boarding The Cinderella, Jewell in the Viking Lines Crown, bound for Mariehamn and Turku in the Swedish Archipeligo.

The voyage again was one dedicated to showcasing Levin Wines to both customers, all 2,500 of them, and staff training to a wonderful group of the most enthusiastic and interested people.

The Viking Line’s on board promotion of ‘Girls have more Fun – Ja’ was
embraced wholeheartedly!