Virgin Wines Tasting in Manchester

Beautiful morning to travel to Manchester for the Virgin Wines Tasting.

Efficiently whisked from Euston station by Virgin train’s 9am to Manchester, I met Nathan Sherwood, Levin Wines Brand Manager, at Manchester’s Piccadilly station for a quick sprint to the Manchester Town Hall which was abuzz not only with the Virgin Wines Tasting, but with the surprise visit of HM Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh who dropped in to congratulate 2 gobsmacked newlyweds as they exchanged their vows at the Manchester Town Hall.

We thought we may be surprised by a quick Royal visit for a glass of Levin Sauvignon Blanc, after all, Levin Sauvignon Blanc is somewhat of a Royal Tipple since Prince Harry shared a bottle with the delectable Chelsea Davy at the Orange in Pimlico when they were still an item – but alas no Royal personages appeared. Is Manchester always thisamazing ?

Levin Sauvignon Blanc always a favourite with Virgin Wines Customers, but it was the Levin Rose and our delicious Levin Gamay – served on ice, that really stood out – perhaps it was the presence of Royalty, perhaps all the ‘Love in the Air’. Of course MISTER L Sauvignon Blanc and MADAME L Gamay, continued to astound with their organic purity. Can’t wait for a return visit….


ProWein 2012

Last week, the Levin team came together from our various European locations and met at the ProWein fair in Germany. Benjamin Delobel Levin winemaker, packed up a van with a selection of our wines, some fantastic local goat’s cheese and rillons from Montrichard, a few other essentials (yes there is more than wine and cheese in life), and set off for the long drive through France, Belgium, Holland to finally arrive in Germany. Nathan Sherwood, Levin Brand Manager  arrived a  few hours later from the north of England, and finally Lynne Levin and I arrived from our London offices.

We arrived at the fair and Ben came to greet us at the main entrance. We then walked for what seemed like an hour, weaving through different buildings, floors and then stands, which soon became more than just stands: countries, regions, whites, reds, moelleux, liqueurs, mixers, cognacs, r(h)ums; the smell of all of these welcoming us before we could even see them (I still am under the firm belief that these smells were enough to make me feel slightly inebriated at all times…)! It was truly incredible to see the four corners of the world re-unite for a common interest and love: the heated discussions going on between wine traders, buyers, makers fascinated me, and I had to keep reminding myself to keep






We finally arrived at our stand, within the organic wines section of the fair. Benjamin had done a fabulous job arranging and presenting our wines to the public.






We had a great turn out, welcoming to our stand some of our current buyers, and meeting new ones from a variety of countries around the world. It was great to catch up with old
friends and new friends! Seamus Daly from Quintessential Wines, a
long term friend and supporter of Levin Wines in Ireland, other great friends
and supporters Dave Moore and Alan from Wildflower Wines in Scotland  dropped by to taste our new Organic vintages and were very impressed. Christian Weber from
Franz Keller, Klaus Wahlen from Die Wein Schmecker and Ronny Weber from Hotel Ritter Durbach all great supporters in Germany.

From further a field new friends David and Mirek from The Wine in Czech Republic,  Mark Haasdijk  had lovely things to say about our Levin Wines, along with Shinjiro Seo from Japan.

We are very excited to be moving forward with Neil Fortes, an amazing Wine Guru, for Canada  and Wine Moves.

Peter Van Ee who we have had the great pleasure of working with for many years (, brought the lovely team from Vigh Wine Bar,  based in Haarlem, Holland. Their bar in Haarlem is a hopping little gem of a place, off the main square, where many come to drink our Le Vin de Levin, and indulge in great cheese and hams! I
highly recommend a visit.

Düsseldorf at night

After each day, we were excited to go out and discover a bit of Düsseldorf and its nightlife,
especially the local food and beers! The main recommendation we received from
the locals and other friends of ours who have been to “The Dorf” was “hit the bierhaus’”. So that’s exactly what we did. Most of these brew their own bier and serve very good local food, which is, to no one’s surprise, various types of meats, cooked in different ways,
each more delicious than the others.

Here we are enjoying Wiener schnitzels, sauerkraut and a selection of local sausages! Delicious! Alas, we had to forgo the Apfel Strudel…



The whole team in front of the Levin Wine Stand!