Unforgettable weekend in the Loire Valley

The Levin Wines team was happy to welcome members of Virgin Wines for an exceptional weekend in the Loire Valley. On the programme: small walk in the middle of the vineyard, discover and tasting in the winery of our 2 Gold Medals Sauvignon Blanc, which have been awarded last May at the World Sauvignon Competition. After a cosy night in the very charming Chateau Vallagon (very near to the Levin winery), our guests were pleased to visit the lovely village of Montrichard and to walk around its traditional market. They also visited the famous and worldwide known Chateau Chenonceau and to lunch in a view on the castle. Good memories for everybody!

Picture on the left side: Katie and our cellar master Francois;

Picture on the right side: Sophie and the oenologist and manager of the Levin Domaine, Benjamin Delobel.

Clipping, trimming and topping in the Levin Wines vineyard

Since yesterday, the clipping-trimming-topping machine has criss-crossed between rows in order to cut branches, which are too long. After a raining period, sun has joined us. Temperatures have raised and are very high for more than one week.  As plants grow rapidly, it is necessary to look after it and to clip and trim in order to preserve a balanced foliar surface. This mechanical operation is done to make a better aeration of the vine and to make easier the passing of the different wine machines.

Below on the picture: the clipping-trimming-topping machine cutting branches. On the left side, vine has been clipped and trimmed; whereas vine on the right side has not been done yet.

Second wire-lifting

It is under a beautiful sun that the Levin-Wines team is doing the second wire-lifting. With the arrival of the summer, plants grow rapidly. In this way, it is necessary to lift higher wires and to place another hook on the middle of wires to guarantee a better deportment of vine.

Wire-lifting in the Levin Domaine

This activity consists in placing vine branches between two wires, which are tightened in the middle of the trellis in order vine benefits from the optimum sun exposure. It will be also easier to continue to follow grape growing and to aerate soil. A small hook links the two wires together.  Next week, Levin wine-growers will tie-up again, tightening wires higher.