Levin Wines 2014 Update

Francois and Bernard are delighted that the weather in the Loire Valley has been relatively mild this January making the conditions for pruning so much easier!  Quentin has joined the pruning team and looking forward to completing our 19 vineyards before the subzero temperatures set in.  The evening sky in the Loire is such a joy to behold, no wonder it has always been such a drawcard for artists over the centuries.

Evening Sky - Domaine Levin, Loire Valley France

We are delighted to have Louree Maya join us from Oxford Brookes University,  Louree is a post graduate student, brings charm and a deep passion for organic wine production,  experience in cellar operations, wine analysis and sensory evaluation –  a great addition to the team at Domaine Levin!  And what a great start for Louree to have Professor David Levin and Winemaker Francois, personally introducing her to the vineyards, winery and philosophies of Domaine Levin.

Prof David Levin, Francois & Louree, Domaine Levin, Loire Valley, France

Of course the real excitement is in our winery – we have been delighted, after a very late vintage, to have amazing ripe aromatic profiles exhibiting in our Sauvignon Blanc and our Gamay.  We believe that our long commitment to organic viticulture, and bio-dynamic principals, have resulted in incredibly healthy vines that are wonderfully expressive, with a naturally high acidity and unique structure and complexity.  Obviously many agree with us – we have won Gold Medal for our organic 2011 Mister L oaked Sauvignon Blanc and Gold Medal for our organic 2012 Levin unoaked Sauvignon Blanc in the World Sauvignon Competition, and Silver Medal for our Gamay in the World Gamay Competition!

Francois pumping over the Levin Gamay fermentation.