Levin Wines Appoints l’Art du Vin as Scottish Distributor





David and Lynne are excited to work with directors, Phillipe Larue, Richard Bouglet and their team, who bring more than 40 years’ wine merchant experience. The Levins did not take the decision lightly, weighing David’s Scottish heritage, his professional hospitality background – David is the owner of The Capital Hotel in London – and passion for his organic Loire Valley vineyards. It was important to partner with a business with sympathetic values and the highest levels of professional integrity. As David Levin explained, ‘It is our name on the label, after all!’

 David and Lynne Levin are confident that l’Art du Vin will provide superb distribution
and customer service in Scotland and are perfectly positioned to respond
to the unique needs of the Scottish market. General Manager and Export
Director, Lynne Levin said, ‘We felt that Phillipe and Richard  share our same commitments and philosophies, and that LEVIN Wines will be selectively and sensitively distributed in Scotland, in view of our boutique, family-owned, organic production.’

David Levin and his Australian Wife Lynne are committed to producing a world class Sauvignon Blanc in the Loire Valley. The LEVIN Winery was shipped to France in its
entirety from Australia together with a team of engineers who specialized in
its design and assembly.   Adopting a philosophy of combining the best of traditional organic agriculture with the finest innovative winemaking techniques, LEVIN Wine is proudly based on French terroir, history and tradition giving a true expression of the Sauvignon Blanc grape in its original and traditional home, The Loire. Today, LEVIN Wines produce a superb range of organic wines that have achieved an outstanding
cachet of international awards and reviews.

For more information, please contact:

Richard Bouglet, Director, l’Art du Vin

richard@aduv.co.uk,  Office +44 ( 0) 1383 873 510

Mobile: + 44  (0) 7980 772 069 or Direct: +44 (0)1383 873 514

Lynne Levin,  Export Director, LEVIN Wines

lynne.levin@levinwines.com, Mobile: +44 779 522 44 55